Review: 11 Reasons RST Brands has Great Outdoor Furniture

RST Brands makes stylish, comfortable, high-quality outdoor furniture. Find out how its patio furniture can be a great fit for your backyard!

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As you search for your next great piece of outdoor furniture, you may come across some furniture from RST Brands. You may be wondering: does RST Brands have good patio furniture? What kind of patio furniture does this company offer? Should I buy outdoor furniture from RST Brands for my outdoor space?

If so, then you have come to the right spot. This article details 11 reasons why RST Brands has great patio furniture and is a great brand to buy your next patio set, patio dining set, and more.

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What is RST Brands?

RST Brands is a popular company that offers indoor and outdoor furniture. The company’s outdoor furniture is made to last, and it is very comfortable. Additionally, its prices are very reasonable, making its furniture a great value for the money. The company offers many outdoor furniture options to shop, like patio dining sets, patio conversation sets, outdoor sofas, umbrellas, fire tables, accent tables, and much more.

Milo Sectional Set

Milo? Gray 6 Piece Fire Sectional - Spa Blue

Portofino Outdoor Sofa

Portofino� Sling 96in Sunbrella� Outdoor Sofa - Space Gray

Vaughn Patio Set

Vaughn? 5 Piece Sunbrella� Outdoor Seating Set - Charcoal Gray

#1 RST Brands uses great frame materials

RST Brands patio furniture is made of high-quality frame materials known to last many years outdoors. You will find that most RST Brands patio furniture is made from either powder-aluminum, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), eucalyptus, or acacia. These materials are some of the best frame materials that you will find for outdoor furniture.

  • Aluminum (see our aluminum review) is an excellent material for patio furniture because it is strong, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain. A significant advantage of aluminum is that it won’t rust. It can, however, still corrode, which is why you will find that RST Brands uses powder-coated aluminum because powder coating prevents corrosion which enhances the durability of the metal.
  • RST Brands uses high-density polyethylene (see our HDPE review) for its all-weather wicker patio furniture and other patio items like dining tables. HDPE is one of the best materials to make highly weather-resistant and durable outdoor furniture. HDPE is known as a material that can last for an exceptionally long time in your backyard and endure all seasons.
  • Eucalyptus (see our eucalyptus review) is a popular outdoor furniture material because it is a hard, durable wood that can withstand exposure to the elements. It won’t rot or be eaten away by insects. Additionally, its natural oils make it naturally weather-resistant, especially against moisture, sun, and heat.
  • Acacia wood (see our acacia review) is a good material for outdoor furniture because it is a hardwood with natural oils that make it very durable and naturally weather-resistant. Acacia wood is used to make patio furniture known to last many years under the right conditions.

In all, these are some of the best materials to make outdoor furniture. Furthermore, we highly rate aluminum and HDPE as the top tier of outdoor materials in our comparison of the three of the most popular outdoor materials in our teak vs. aluminum vs. HDPE article.

#2 RST Brands uses great fabric for its outdoor furniture

RST Brands uses one fabric for its outdoor furniture: Sunbrella (see our Sunbrella review) is a highly weather-resistant and durable solution-dyed acrylic fabric. Solution-dyed means that the color of the fiber is dyed all the way through the fabric, creating results in highly color steadfast and fade-resistant fabric. Not only does this fabric perform well in the sun and heat, but Sunbrella is also designed to repel water and stains.

#3 RST Brand has great cushions

Often you will find that buying outdoor furniture can be troubling because it can be hard to find furniture with quality cushions. Some manufacturers will have cushions with low-quality foam or think cushion options. From our review, RST Brands uses thick (typically greater than the industry average of 3 inches), high-density cushions that will provide a very comfortable piece of outdoor furniture. Additionally, the company states that these cushions are wrapped in polyfill fiber which helps give a smooth appearance and a uniform feel.

#4 RST Brands is available at many retailers

Not only can you shop for RST Brands patio furniture on its website, but you can also find RST Brands patio furniture available from many leading retailers like Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, Sam’s Club, Wayfair, and many more. So, you have many buying options, either online or in-store, if you are looking to purchase RST Brands patio furniture.

#5 Free shipping on orders directly through RST Brands

RST Brands offers free shipping on patio furniture purchases made through its website. This is a great perk that can save you several hundred dollars on your patio furniture purchase. Free shipping excludes deliveries to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.


If you purchase an RST Brands piece of furniture from a different retailer, you may have an additional shipping charge added to your order.

#6 RST Brands has a wide range of furniture options

Whether you are looking for patio chairs, outdoor sofas, patio conversation sets, patio dining sets, umbrellas, hammocks, patio umbrellas, a patio table, chaise lounges, a coffee table, etc., you can find an option from RST Brands. The company offers a wide range of furniture and seating options to suit your backyard and outdoor space needs and style preferences.

#7 30-day return policy

RST Brands offers a 30-day return window for products ordered through their website to get a full refund (less return shipping costs). This 30-day return window is better than some competitors that may only have a 7 – 14 day return window. As a result, you get a whole month to try out your furniture from RST Brands to make sure you love it.

If you buy RST Brands furniture from a different retailer, that retailer may have a different return policy and time frame.

#8 No or minimal assembly required for RST Brands outdoor furniture

Most RST Brands patio furniture comes fully assembled, which means less hassle for you in setting up your new furniture. Some sets sold by RST Brands may require minimal assembly. Additionally, the company offers a white glove delivery service at an additional cost. The delivery agents will unpack and place the furniture where you want it to go.

#9 RST Brands furniture is reasonably priced

One of the main challenges of shopping for high-quality patio furniture is finding reasonably priced patio furniture. You will find that high-quality outdoor furniture can vary significantly in price, and sometimes it can be hard to determine if you are getting a good deal. Overall, we think RST Brands is reasonably priced and offers a great value compared to similar brands.

#10 Financing available with Uplift

Although we think that RST Brands is reasonably priced furniture, it may make sense for you to make monthly payments on the furniture to fit the purchase into your budget. If that is the case, there is the option to finance your purchase through RST Brands using the monthly payment option provided by Uplift when you checkout. If you buy RST Brands furniture from another retailer, you may have monthly payment options available through another company like Affirm or Klarna.

#11 Eco-friendly patio furniture

If you are looking for eco-friendly, sustainable patio furniture, RST Brands patio furniture options should be part of your shopping search:

  • Aluminum is an infinitely recyclable material
  • Sunbrella and olefin are sustainably made fabrics
  • Acacia wood is sustainably harvested
  • HDPE is a highly recyclable material

Other notes

RST Brands offers a 1-year warranty on its patio furniture. From our analysis, a 1-year warranty is the average industry warranty for high-quality patio furniture.

Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

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Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

Read More About Me
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