11 Pros and Cons of Eucalyptus Patio Furniture

Eucalyptus is a great choice for patio furniture. Read the pros and cons of using eucalyptus patio furniture in your outdoor living space to see if it is right for your backyard!

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Are you looking for beautiful, stylish, and durable wood outdoor furniture for your backyard? You will find many different wood materials used in patio furniture as you shop for the perfect patio furniture piece. One material you might find is eucalyptus wood. But what is it? Is it any good? How will it hold up in your backyard?

These are likely some of the key questions you may have before you make a purchase. This post covers some of the essential pros and cons of outdoor eucalyptus furniture to help answer your key questions.

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Pros and Cons of Eucalyptus Wood Patio Furniture

What is Eucalyptus Wood?

Eucalyptus is a fast-growing hardwood native to Australia and parts of Asia. The wood is strong and durable, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture. It is also resistant to decay and rot, making it a good choice for furniture that will be exposed to the elements. Eucalyptus patio furniture is often finished with a clear sealant to protect it from the weather.

Is Eucalyptus Wood Good for Patio Furniture?

Eucalyptus is a great choice for patio furniture. It is a hard, durable wood that can withstand exposure to the elements. It won’t rot or be eaten away by insects. Its natural oils make it naturally weather-resistant, especially against moisture, sun, and heat. Additionally, you can typically find eucalyptus wood furniture is cheaper compared to other patio furniture wood alternatives like teak.


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Eucalyptus patio furniture options on Amazon

Amazonia Bahamas Dining Set

Safavieh Conversation Set

Ashley Clare View Loveseat

The Pros and Cons of Eucalyptus Patio Furniture

#1 Pro: Eucalyptus is naturally resistant to water, rot, and decay

Hardwoods, like eucalyptus, are an excellent choice for outdoor furniture due to high densities and natural oils that make these woods naturally weather-resistant, especially water-resistant. Eucalyptus’s density and natural oils provide some natural water-resistance to the wood. This means that your furniture can be exposed to some water and rain without worrying about it damaging the patio furniture. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the wood rotting or decaying like some other woods might outdoors.

#2 Con: Eucalyptus wood for patio furniture may shrink or swell in excessive water

Ideally, we would all like our outdoor furniture to be ‘set-and-forget,’ and some types of outdoor furniture materials are close to this. Water can have a known effect on eucalyptus wood by shrinking or swelling due to excessive moisture. As a result, regular sealant application is recommended to ensure high water resistance for the life of the furniture. Some eucalyptus wood furniture may come pre-treated, so check with the care and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer to understand what sealant is needed, if at all.

#3 Pro: Sun exposure won't damage the eucalyptus wood

Eucalyptus, like other hardwoods, is not susceptible to cracking or becoming brittle in the sun. This is due to eucalyptus’ natural oils that prevent the wood from becoming too dry when exposed to sunlight. These oils also help protect the eucalyptus wood from becoming brittle, which is common with other outdoor wood types.

#4 Con: Excessive moisture may lead to cracking

As stated previously, if eucalyptus outdoor furniture is not sealed or adequately treated, it may expand in excessive moisture. We all know what happens when our deck furniture gets left out in the rain and then the sun. The sun cures this expansion by making it very brittle and breakable.

#5 Pro/Con: The color of the eucalyptus will fade over time

Like other hardwoods, especially teak, eucalyptus undergoes a natural aging process that will change the wood from its natural reddish-brown color to a soft, silver patina color. There is no cause for concern, though; the color change does not mean that the wood is degrading. If you would like to keep the wood’s original color, you can regularly apply a sealant. Alternatively, you can apply a stain to change the color of the wood. Or you may like the color of the grey eucalyptus, so the color change may be a pro for you.

#6 Pro: Minimal day-to-day maintenance is needed

All in all, eucalyptus can be considered a low-maintenance outdoor material. The natural oils and density of the wood provide natural weather resistance and durability to withstand typical outdoor weather and wear and tear. In terms of the usual care for this type of wood, keep an eye out for dirt and debris from regular use and be sure to wipe it down from time to time.

#7 Con: Eucalyptus wood outdoor furniture may get damaged in extreme weather

Excessive rain, extreme cold, and extreme heat may present conditions that can swell, shrink, or dry out eucalyptus furniture. This may result in cracking and breaking of the wood. One way to protect eucalyptus outdoor furniture is to regularly apply a sealant to help enhance the durability and weather resistance of the wood.

In all, we recommend that you always cover or store your outdoor furniture (regardless the type of material) in the winter months to help protect it when you are not using the patio furniture.

#8 Pro: Eucalyptus wood furniture is very durable

One of the reasons you will find eucalyptus wood furniture as an option from many patio furniture retailers is that the outdoor furniture made with eucalyptus is very durable. This is a very strong wood, and you should expect that furniture made with eucalyptus wood can endure your typical backyard wear and tear.

#9 Con: Regular sealant will be needed to protect outdoor eucalyptus furniture

Conversation sets are outdoor or patio furniture that typically includes a sofa (usually a loveseat), two chairs, and typically a coffee table. You can find a conversation sets that come in a variety of configurations that may include additional furniture items. Additionally, you will find a wide-range of styles for conversation sets to best fit your backyard decor.

#10 Pro: Eucalyptus wood for furniture is typically sustainably sourced and harvested

Unlike other hardwoods usually known for a slower growth rate, eucalyptus trees are fast-growing. This means that it is easier to grow and replace these trees after they have been harvested. This makes it easier to continually produce eucalyptus wood for furniture without feeling concerned about the long-term stability of the material. However, you can still check if the eucalyptus wood was sustainably harvested by looking for eucalyptus wood furniture that is FSC-certified, a Forest Stewardship Council certification, which means that wood was harvested from a sustainably managed forest or plantation.

#11 Pro: Eucalyptus outdoor wood furniture is usually reasonably priced

You will find a wide range of prices in patio furniture as you shop, especially as you look at wood furniture options. You will typically find that eucalyptus patio furniture is more reasonably priced (cheaper) compared to some other hardwood outdoor furniture pieces, especially teak patio furniture. So, if you are looking for more budget-friendly outdoor furniture, eucalyptus patio furniture will likely fit your budget better than other options. That means you are getting a high-quality outdoor furniture material at a reasonable price compared to other options.

Patio Furniture Collection Option

If you’re in the market for a new patio furniture set, you should definitely check out Ashley’s Clare View collection. This stylish collection is made of eucalyptus wood and Nuvella fabric, making it durable and weather-resistant. The light brown eucalyptus wood goes through a five-step five-step protective coating process to give furniture in the collection a durable frame.

Read our full review of the Clare View collection from Ashley Furniture to learn how this eucalyptus patio furniture can be a great addition to your backyard.

Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

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Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

Read More About Me
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