Bluu Automatic Outdoor Umbrella

Effortlessly open and close your patio umbrella with this remote-controlled automatic umbrella from Bluu! This umbrella can be a real game-changer for you, especially if you have those difficult push-to-open umbrellas or you have multiple umbrellas to open (yes, one remote can open multiple umbrellas!)

Why We Like It:

  • Effortlessly open and close your umbrella through the click of a button on the remote or on the umbrella control box
  • High-quality aluminum frame and Outtra fabric
  • Remote can control multiple umbrellas
  • The battery can hold a charge for 3 months
  • Removable battery can be used to charge other devices
  • 5-year warranty on fabric, 2-year warranty on frame
  • Free shipping and returns; 30-day return period
  • 4 color options

🎁 All Buying Options:

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