43 Pool Lighting Ideas and Tips to Light Up Your Pool!

Need some ideas and tips to light up your pool so you can use it all night long? Check out these great ideas that will work for any pool!

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The swimming pool—your backyard’s dazzling centerpiece, where fun all-out parties meet weekend relaxation.

But who says the fun and relaxation have to end when the sun sets? With the right mix of lighting options, your outdoor living space and pool can be an all-day hangout spot! 

To make this possible, dive into this guide to explore different ideas, ways, and tips to add the right light to your pool area!

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Pool Bubbler Lights

#1. LED Color-Changing Lights

Great For:Party enthusiasts or those who love a splash of color.

Cycle through different colors and add some flair to your swimming pool with LED color-changing lights. These lights are an easy way to add a dramatic effect to both in-ground and above-ground pools. From vibrant reds to calming blues, the color-changing options can set the mood for any occasion. 

If you are in the process of building a new pool, make sure you add this lighting option to your pool!

LED In Pool Lights

#2. Underwater Fiber Optic Lighting

Great For: Lovers of the night sky and unique lighting effects.

Want to bring the starry night into your pool? Underwater fiber optic lighting creates delicate strands that twinkle under the water’s surface. It’s a mesmerizing and innovative way to illuminate your pool, offering a celestial experience for both swimmers and spectators. Combine this with landscape lighting, and your outdoor space becomes a galaxy of its own.

Fiber Optic Lighting in a Pool

#3. Fire Bowls, Fire Features, and Fire Pits

Great For: Those who want to mix elements and make a statement.

The elemental dance between fire and water is a timeless and dramatic effect. Fire bowls and other fire features, which can be placed around the perimeter of your pool or as focal points, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you opt for a traditional fire pit or an elegant fire feature, this is a great way to elevate your outdoor area, especially if you enjoy entertaining.

Fire Features around a pool

#4. Water Features Lighting

Great For: Those looking to accentuate waterfalls, deck jets, or other water features.

Water features are enchanting, but why stop at day enchantment? Lighting them up adds a magical touch, especially when reflecting different colors. The play of light on the water transforms your pool deck into a dynamic, living piece of art. Spotlighting waterfalls, deck jets, sheer descents, and other water features offer both beauty and function, making your pool a centerpiece.

Illuminated Deck Jets

#5. Pool Structures Lighting

Great For: Creative pool owners who want to showcase unique pool structures.

Your swim-up bars, raised walls, columns, grottos, etc. can become masterpieces with the right lighting. Whether it’s white light for an elegant touch or color-changing options for some fun, you can make these features stand out. Talk to your pool builder about in-pool lighting options to highlight these special areas.

Lighting Under an In-Pool Table
Lighting for a Pool Behind a Rain Curtain

#6. Illuminated Pool Bubblers

Great For: Families and those who love a playful touch.

Light up fountains or bubblers for a playful effect that delights both children and adults. These cheerful features can turn your ordinary swimming pool into a sparkling wonderland. Want to add more joy to your backyard pool? These bubbly delights might be the best choice.

If you are building a pool, check out why you should add bubblers to your pool.

Pool Bubbler Lights

#7. Pool Side Solar Lights

Great For: Eco-conscious pool owners looking for solar-powered lights.

How about lighting that’s as gentle on the environment as it is on your eyes? Pool side solar lights attach to your pool coping, shining light directly into the water. Besides being an excellent energy-saving option, they add a soft glow that is perfect for a serene night dip.

#8. LED Light Strips Around Pool Edge

Great For: Modern design lovers and those wanting to define edges.

LED light strips along the pool edge or steps not only look sleek but also enhance pool safety. From clean white light to different colors, these strip lights offer a modern touch. Their linear design provides clarity to the pool’s boundaries and adds a contemporary flair to your outdoor space.

#9. Submersible LED Lights

Great For: Achieving a fully illuminated pool or spotlighting specific features.

Whether you want to flood your entire pool with light or focus on specific underwater features, submersible LED lights are your go-to option. Choose from various shapes and sizes to achieve the perfect ambiance. Want to highlight a sculpture or a fountain? These lights are a great option if you have an existing inground or above-ground pool that you need to add light to.

#10. Wall-Mounted Sconces

Great For: Those seeking a classic and sophisticated touch.

Wall-mounted sconces provide a timeless elegance to the pool’s surrounding area. These light fixtures are not just functional; they’re a decorative statement. Whether your style leans towards traditional or modern, sconces can offer the perfect balance of form and function.

Wall Scones Near a Pool

#11. Lighting with Poolside Structures

Great For: Enhancing pergolas, gazebos, pool houses, and outdoor kitchens.

Do you have a poolside pergola, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen? Adding lighting to these structures transforms your outdoor living space into an inviting and functional area even after the sun sets. Whether it’s path lights for safety or hanging lights for charm, there’s no better way to highlight these areas.

Lighting for Poolside Structures

#12. String Lights On Stakes or Trees

Great For: Adding a festive or nostalgic touch around the lounge area.

String lights on stakes or nearby trees can add a dreamy or festive atmosphere to your pool area. Stakes give you the flexibility to put lighting around your pool in the perfect spot for you. Caution: do not have string lights that cross over any pool water. 

String Lights Around a Pool

#13. String Lights On Fence

Great For: Creating a cohesive and charming environment.

A fence doesn’t have to be a mere boundary. Add string lights, and it turns into a backdrop of twinkling stars. Combined with proper lighting on the pool deck, it can unify your outdoor area into an enchanting space.

String Lights on Fence Near Pool

#14. Umbrella Lights

Great For: Readers, diners, or anyone who enjoys a well-lit seating area.

Got pool umbrellas? Why not make them glow? Adding lights to umbrellas provides functional brightness where you need it. Whether you’re reading a book or enjoying a meal, umbrella lights add both convenience and charm.

#15. Landscape Lighting

Great For: Garden lovers who want to extend the beauty beyond the pool.

Landscape lighting is about more than just lighting up flower beds or nearby trees. It extends the visual pleasure of your outdoor space, integrating the pool with the natural surroundings. From highlighting a stunning plant to creating silhouettes, landscape lighting is a graceful way to tie everything together.

Landscape Lighting Around a Pool

#16. Solar Garden Stakes

Great For: Those who want to blend whimsy with energy efficiency.

Solar garden stakes are not just for gardens! These solar-powered pool lights come in different shapes and can be placed around your pool for a whimsical effect. They’re fun, eco-friendly, and can add a touch of playfulness to any outdoor space.

#17. Tiki Torches by the Pool

Great For: Tropical-theme enthusiasts.

Bring the tropics to your backyard with real or electric tiki torches around the pool perimeter. Paired with some exotic plants, these torches can transport you to a tropical island. They’re not just about aesthetics; tiki torches provide warmth on a cool evening, making them a multifunctional addition.

#18. Floating Lanterns

Great For: Those seeking serenity and a calming environment.

Floating lanterns are an elegant and simple way to add tranquility to your pool area. Watching them glide on the water’s surface can be a meditative experience, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

#19. Floating LED Balls

Great For: Creative design lovers and party hosts.

If you’re all about creative designs or love hosting parties, floating LED balls may be the perfect addition to your swimming pool. They’re fun and versatile and can turn an ordinary pool into a party zone or an attractive focal point at night.

#20. Floating Pool Light with Fountain

Great For: Combining the beauty of light with the elegance of water fountains.

Why have just light or a fountain when you can have both? Floating pool lights with fountains add an extra dimension to your pool, providing both visual and auditory pleasure. It’s a captivating way to make a statement.

#21. Underwater Disco Lights

Great For: Party animals who want to keep the fun going underwater.

Take the party underwater with disco lights. These vibrant and energetic lights can transform your pool into a dance floor, ensuring the fun never stops. Ready to groove?

#22. Rope Lighting Along Paths

Great For: Guiding the way with a gentle and soft glow.

Rope lighting isn’t just for indoors; it’s an excellent option for lighting up pathways near your pool. Whether leading to a seating area or the pool itself, these soft glowing lines are an elegant way to guide your guests.

#23. Recessed Deck Lighting

Great For: Those who want unobtrusive yet effective illumination.

Deck recessed lighting is subtle, but it makes a significant impact. It’s perfect for illuminating pathways without being intrusive. The flush design integrates seamlessly into the pool deck, offering an understated elegance.

#24. Railing Lighting

Great For: Safety-conscious pool owners who want both aesthetics and security.

Illuminate railings around your pool with railing lighting. It’s a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to ensure safety without sacrificing style. These lights are perfect for adding a gentle glow that guides without glaring.

#25. Hanging Lights

Great For: Creating cozy sitting areas around the pool.

Imagine a cozy sitting area illuminated by beautiful hanging lights. Whether over a dining table or a lounge chair, these lights provide a comforting glow that invites conversation and relaxation. They’re a simple yet profound addition that can transform an outdoor area.

#26. Fairy Light Curtains

Great For: Romantics who want to create a magical backdrop.

Fairy lights aren’t just for bedrooms. Hang them as curtains near your pool, and you’ve got a magical backdrop that feels straight out of a fairytale. Combine them with some hanging planters, and your pool area becomes a fantasy land.

#27. Illuminated Planters

Great For: Green thumbs who want to showcase their plants day and night.

Showcase your plants with illuminated planters. These pots come with integrated lighting that turns your flora into pieces of art. It’s an innovative way to enjoy your garden, even after the sun goes down.

#28. Glowing Furniture

Great For: Futurists and those who love multipurpose functionality.

Furniture that lights up? Yes, please! Glowing furniture is not just a focal point; it’s functional brightness that’s both cool and practical. Whether it’s a glowing table or illuminated chairs, this type of lighting is a conversation starter.

#29. Glowing Pebble Paths

Great For: Creating a whimsical path that lights the way.

Glowing pebbles can be integrated into pathways leading to your pool or around the surrounding garden. They’re a novel and charming way to guide the way without traditional path lights. Plus, they look enchanting!

#30. Glass Light Pavers / Glowing Deck Tiles

Great For: Making a bold statement with your pool deck.

Incorporating glass light pavers or glowing deck tiles into your pool deck is a unique way to light up your pool area. These integrated lighting options offer a modern, sleek look that sets your pool apart from the rest.

#31. LED Pool Noodles

Great For: Kids and the young at heart who enjoy fun in the pool.

Last but not least, how about some fun with LED pool noodles? These light-up toys are a delightful addition to any pool party. Swim, play, or lounge on these colorful noodles and add a fun twist to your swimming experience.

12 Tips and Things to Consider for Adding Lighting in and Around a Pool

  1. Consider Your Power Source: Think about where your power source is, and plan accordingly. Whether it’s solar lighting or a conventional power source, knowing where the energy comes from is crucial.

  2. Safety First: Proper lighting enhances pool safety, especially around steps and seating areas. Consider where illumination is essential for safe navigation.

  3. Blend with Landscape: Outdoor lighting should complement your existing landscape and flower beds. Consider styles and designs that harmonize with your surroundings.

  4. Durability and Weather Resistance: Outdoor lights must withstand various weather conditions. Ensure that the light fixtures you choose are durable and designed for outdoor use.

  5. Incorporate Solar Options: Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. Consider incorporating solar lights where possible for an energy-efficient solution.

  6. Consider Professional Installation: For complex in-ground lights or electrical work, hiring a professional pool builder might be the best way to ensure safe and proper installation.

  7. Think About Maintenance: Consider the maintenance required for different options. LED pool lights generally require less upkeep, while more intricate systems might need regular attention.

  8. Align with Your Style: Your lighting choices should reflect your personality and the style of your outdoor living space. From modern to tropical, ensure your lighting complements the overall theme.

  9. Experiment with Different Colors and Shapes: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and shapes. From color-changing options to various shapes, have fun exploring what suits your pool best.

  10. Balance Functionality and Aesthetics: Striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics is vital. The right lighting can be both practical and beautiful, enhancing your entire outdoor pool experience.

  11. In-Pool vs. Perimeter Lighting: Think about the best locations for lighting. Combining in-pool lighting with perimeter lights around the pool can create a dramatic effect and enhance the overall ambiance.

  12. Consider Future Upgrades: Planning to upgrade or renovate your existing pool? Consider how your lighting choices now will align with future plans.

Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

Read More About Me
Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

Read More About Me
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