Ohana vs Ovios (XIZZI) vs Wisteria Lane vs Rattaner Patio Furniture

Are you wondering if you should purchase wicker patio furniture from Ohana, Ovios (XIZZI), Wisteria Lane, or Rattaner? Read this post to see how the four brands compare before you make your purchase!

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If you are looking to buy wicker outdoor furniture through Amazon, Wayfair, Home Depot, Overstock, and several other places, you have likely found patio furniture made by the following brands:

  • Ohana
  • Ovios
  • Wisteria Lane
  • Rattaner

We frequently ran across these brands when we were shopping for new wicker patio furniture. If you are like me, you are probably wondering if these brands make good patio furniture. 

If so, read on below to see if these patio furniture brands can be a great fit for your backyard!

When you are done reading below, come back and check out:

Comparison Table

Category Winner Explanation
Frame Material Ohana and Rattaner Ohana uses an aluminum inner frame; Rattaner uses HDPE wicker on some items
Fabric Material Ohana and Ovios (XIZZI) ahead of Wisteria Lane Ohana uses Sunbrella on most items; Ovios uses Olefin and Sunbrella
Cushion Material Tie All brands use about the same cushion material with the same thickness
Assembly Ohana ahead of Ovios (XIZZI) Many of Ohana’s outdoor items are no-assembly; Ovios has some no-assembly furniture
Shipping and Delivery Tie All brands can be bought from a retailer with free shipping and quick delivery
Warranty Slight edge to Ohana Ohana has a 1-year warranty on wicker and a 3-year warranty on aluminum frame
Return Policy / Trial Period Ovios (XIZZI) and Wisteria Lane Both offer a 30-day return period
Price Ovios (XIZZI), Wisteria Lane, and Rattaner For similar sets, they are about the same price


Who’s the winner? 

I have to go with Ohana, with Ovios (XIZZI) coming in a close second. I am big on furniture made with high-quality materials, and the aluminum inner frames and wide range of Sunbrella fabric on Ohana furniture really pushes them to the top of this pack. Plus the no-assembly furniture options and 3-year warranty on the aluminum frames are also standout features.

I also like how Ovios (XIZZI) uses Sunbrella on some items (the rest is Olefin fabric, which is a great fabric, too!), and some items come fully assembled. Two areas that Ovios definitely beats Ohana is: Return Policy (they have 30-day return period vs. Ohana’s 7-day), and you can find some lower priced furniture than Ohana.

Brand Overviews


Ohana prides itself on customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality furniture to its customers at affordable prices. From the company: “Ohana is the Hawaiian term for “Family”. It is our guiding principle in how we view treat our customers.”

What I like about Ohana:

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • You can pick from 6 different wicker colors and 20+ different Sunbrella fabric colors to make a patio furniture set to fit your backyard style
  • A lot of no-assembly options
  • Wide variety of patio furniture options to fit nearly all backyard needs

✨ Something else to consider:

  • Ohana also makes high-quality teak patio furniture with Grade A teak.

Ovios (XIZZI)

Ovios has been producing patio furniture for 12 years with a mission to produce high-quality, beautiful outdoor furniture.

If you have done your homework, you may have noticed that Ovios patio furniture looks a lot like outdoor furniture from a brand called XIZZI. Well, that’s because XIZZI is a brand of Ovios furniture – so they are the same! For this reason, we group them together in this review because you can find the same patio furniture options through both brands

What I like about Ovios:

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Quick shipping (about 2 weeks)
  • Olefin fabric that is removable from the cushion
  • Some Sunbrella fabric options
  • Some no-assembly patio furniture options
  • Wide variety of patio furniture types and additional items (like fire pits tables!)

✨ Something else to consider:

  • Ovios and XIZZI offer aluminum patio furniture sets and some seating options made from recycled plastic

Wisteria Lane

Wisteria Lane started producing patio furniture in 2007 with its first collections of wicker patio furniture. Since then, the company has expanded its production and produces a wide range of outdoor furniture.

What I like about Wisteria Lane:

  • 4-inch thick cushions
  • Olefin fabric
  • 1-year warranty

✨ Something else to consider:

  • If you are looking for aluminum frame patio furniture, Wisteria Lane has a great collection to choose from!


Rattaner is a popular brand of patio furniture that is well-liked by those who have bought and reviewed their furniture. This company focuses on manufacturing only wicker patio furniture.

What I like about Rattaner:

  • HDPE wicker options (not all of their wicker patio furniture uses HDPE)
  • 4-inch thick cushions
  • You can find patio furniture with multiple fabric color options

✨ Something else to consider:

  • You won’t need to worry about buying a separate patio furniture cover for some items with Rattaner because most Rattaner patio furniture comes with a cover included!

How Do We Rank and Review Outdoor Furniture?

We understand (because we are buyers of outdoor patio furniture, too) that shopping for outdoor furniture can be confusing. It is not always easy to find the best patio furniture because there are many different materials to understand, seating options to evaluate, brands and retailers to shop, and prices to compare in the outdoor furniture market.

So, that is why we developed an 8-criteria guide to rank patio furniture. In our view, these eight criteria provide a simple and consistent way to compare outdoor seating or table options. Read our ranking guide to understand how we review furniture and for you to use as you compare outdoor furniture options.

We will use these ranking criteria on these four brands below to highlight the key features of each brand for:

  1. Frame Material
  2. Fabric Material
  3. Cushion Material
  4. Assembly
  5. Shipping and Delivery
  6. Warranty
  7. Return Policy / Trial Period
  8. Price

Brand Comparison

Read on below for how these brands’ patio furniture stacks up against one another.

‼ Note: This comparison is only for each company’s wicker patio furniture.

Frame Material

Winner: Ohana and Rattaner

Reason: Ohana’s patio furniture is made with aluminum frames that won’t rust, and Rattaner has some options with HDPE wicker.

When it comes to wicker outdoor furniture, there are two main types of synthetic materials used to make the wicker weave you should be looking for: PE and HDPE. We have detailed posts on what PE wicker (or PE Rattan) is and the pros and cons of HDPE wicker that you can read. 

Overall, HDPE is a more durable and weather-resistant material than PE wicker. 

Also, I prefer aluminum over steel because aluminum is lighter and it won’t rust like steel can (note: powder coating can degrade and lead to steel rusting over time.)

  • Ohana: Ohana’s wicker patio furniture is made with aluminum inner frames, and the wicker weave is made from they describe as PE resin wicker or all-weather wicker. 
  • Ovios (XIZZI): Ovios’ wicker outdoor furniture is made with a steel inner frame and PE Rattan wicker.
  • Wisteria Lane: This company’s wicker patio furniture comes with a steel inner frame and PE Rattan wicker.
  • Rattaner: You will find that there are some Rattaner wicker furniture items made with HDPE wicker, while others are made with PE wicker. It uses a steel inner frame on all wicker patio furniture. 

Our frame material ratings that apply here:

  • 5-stars: Aluminum and HDPE
  • 4-stars: PE and steel
  • 3-stars: some lower quality PE and steel (one way to tell if PE or steel is lower quality is by the length of the warranty on the furniture)

Fabric Material

Winner: Ohana and Ovios (XIZZI) with Wisteria Lane slightly behind

Reason: Ohana uses Sunbrella fabric on its furniture, while Ovios (XIZZI) uses Olefin and Sunbrella. Wisteria Lane does have some options with Olefin fabric.

Sunbrella and Olefin are some of the best types of outdoor furniture fabrics because they are both highly durable and weather resistant. Specifically, Sunbrella is one of the best and most popular outdoor furniture fabrics today, and you will find it used by many different high-quality outdoor furniture brands. 

  • Ohana: You will find that Ohana offers a wide range of Sunbrella fabric color options (over 20!)  across all of its wicker patio furniture (note: there may be some color options on some items that are not Sunbrella).
  • Ovios (XIZZI): You will find that these two brands offer Olefin across a wide range of patio furniture and offer some items with Sunbrella fabric.
  • Wisteria Lane: Some of Wisteria Lane’s patio furniture comes with polyester fabric, and other items are made with Olefin.
  • Rattaner: Rattaner describes its fabric as a “breathable 250G polyester anti-UV and water-repellent fabric.”

If you are wondering if you can easily remove the fabric covers on these cushions for cleaning, you’re in luck because all brands have zippered fabric covers.

⭐ Our fabric material ratings that apply here:

  • 5-stars: Sunbrella, Olefin, and other performance fabrics
  • 4-stars: Some unbranded polyester

Cushion Material

Winner: Tie

Reason: All use approximately the same types of cushion fill material that are about the same thickness

One of the worst things about getting patio furniture is having a cushion fall apart quickly. This is usually due to low-quality cushion material and/or very thin cushions. 

From our review, we found that all of these brands have patio furniture sets with 4” thick high-resiliency foam cushions (I prefer 5” thick cushions, but 4” is still plenty of thickness for a comfortable cushion). 

Note: Many of the Ovios (XIZZI) cushions we reviewed were listed at 3.54 inches.

The high resiliency, or high density, means that these cushions won’t easily lose their shape and provide enough support without being too squishy.

Note: there are some wicker patio furniture items for these brands that feature thinner cushions. This is common on dining sets and bistro sets.  

Our cushion material ratings that apply here:

  • 4-stars: High-density foam with 3-4” thickness


Winner: Ohana, with Ovios (XIZZI) slightly behind

Reason: The majority of Ohana’s wicker patio furniture is no-assembly. Ovios (XIZZI) has some no-assembly furniture options.

Isn’t it a pain to put together patio furniture?!

You can probably share this frustration having spent too much (like an hour or more!) time putting together a new outdoor furniture item.

That’s why I am always looking for patio furniture that is fully assembled. All you need to do is take it out of the packaging, move it to where you want it in your outdoor area, and you are ready to go!

This is why we like Ohana and Ovios (XIZZI) because they offer some outdoor seating sets and options that are fully assembled. Whereas we found that Wisteria Lane’s and Rattaner’s patio furniture required some type of assembly.

Our patio furniture assembly ratings that apply here:

  • 5-stars: No assembly
  • 4-stars: Minimal assembly required (<30 mins)
  • 3-stars: Some assembly required (30-60 mins)

Shipping and Delivery

Winner: Tie

Reason: Many items from all brands come with free shipping and you should expect to receive your patio furniture in about 2 weeks.

One of the worst surprises of buying patio furniture is an extra shipping charge (can easily be a few hundred extra dollars!) or it taking forever for the furniture to actually get to your home.

Luckily, Ohana and Ovios (XIZZI) state that they offer free shipping on their furniture, and we found from our review that Wisteria Lane and Rattaner patio items don’t have a shipping charge at various retailers. 

Also, it appears that you shouldn’t have to wait long to get your patio furniture from any of these brands either. We give our highest rating to those brands that can get patio furniture to you in two weeks or less.

Ovios (XIZZI) and Wisteria Lane state that you should get patio furniture from them in about 2 weeks. And from our review of shipping times at various retailers for Ohana and Rattaner, you should expect about two weeks as well.  

Our shipping and delivery ratings that apply here:

  • 5-stars: Free shipping and quick delivery (about two weeks)


Winner: Slight edge to Ohana over Ovios (XIZZI) and Wisteria Lane

Reason: Ohana has a 3-year warranty on its aluminum frame, and a 1-year warranty on its wicker. Ovios (XIZZI) and Wisteria Lane have 1-year warranties.

You want to get patio furniture that is backed by a warranty to ensure that you are getting furniture that is covered for manufacturing defects.

The average patio furniture warranty length (if it comes with a warranty) is about a year. 

Obviously, long warranties are better. Also, long warranties tend to be indicative of the quality of the product (the longer, the higher quality).

  • Ohana: 3-year warranty on aluminum frames and 1-year warranty on wicker.
  • Ovios (XIZZI): 1-year warranty
  • Wisteria Lane: 1-year warranty
  • Rattaner: We were only able to find that there is a 30-day warranty.

Our warranty ratings that apply here:

  • 4-stars: 1-5 years
  • 3-stars: 1 year
  • 2-stars: less than 1 year

Return Policy / Trial Period

Winner: Ovios (XIZZI) and Wisteria Lane

Reason: Ovios (XIZZI) and Wisteria Lane offer a 30-day return period, but you will have to cover the cost of shipping and pay a fee if not returned in original condition.

Unsure if you will like the patio furniture? Then you want to get a set that offers some type of return policy that allows you to return it if you don’t love it. 

⚠ Note: Across most brands of patio furniture, you will have to return any items in original condition and original packaging to be eligible for a refund.

  • Ohana: 7-day return period. You must cover the cost of shipping. If the furniture is not returned in its original condition, there is a 20% restocking fee.
  • Ovios (XIZZI): Return period of 30 days
  • Wisteria Lane: Return period of 30 days, but you must cover the cost of shipping (if not returning due to manufacturing problem). If returned not in original condition, you will only receive a 50% refund.
  • Rattaner: Unknown return period, likely the same as the 30-day warranty

Our return policy/trial period ratings that apply here:

  • 5-stars: Free returns; 30 days or greater return period
  • 4-stars: Free returns; 10-30 day period OR minimal costs, ability to waive costs
  • 3-stars: Return fees (including shipping) about 15% of costs; 7-10 day period
  • 2-stars: Return fees greater than 15%; <7 days
  • 1-star: Unknown


Winner: Ovios (XIZZI), Wisteria Lane, and Rattaner

Reason: In a comparison of similar patio furniture sets, Ohana was the lone brand that had a slightly higher price than the other brands.

It’s hard to find exactly similar sets between these four brands that have the same seating options and additional items like a coffee table. But I chose an option from each that is pretty similar in seating size.

One reason that Ohana is more expensive is that the higher durability and weather resistance of Sunbrella and aluminum patio furniture usually carries a higher price.

Overall though, these are really good prices for this quality of furniture.

👇 See the four sets we compared:

Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

Read More About Me
Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

Read More About Me
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