Nuvella Review: Great Patio Furniture Fabric from Ashley

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Are you looking for patio furniture with high-quality fabric? If so, you should consider outdoor furniture from Ashley Furniture because all of its patio furniture comes with Nuvella fabric. Nuvella fabric is an all-weather and highly durable patio furniture fabric that can withstand the outdoor elements in many climates.


Continue to read more below why Nuvella fabric can be an excellent choice for your next patio furniture purchase!

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Overview: What is Nuvella?

Nuvella performance fabric is used exclusively at Ashley Furniture, and you can find this fabric on all outdoor furniture from Ashley. Nuvella is a solution-dyed fabric designed to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. Solution-dyed means that the color is part of the fabric rather than being applied on top of the fabric. This means that the fabric is very fade-resistant. Ashley Furniture also notes that this fabric is an all-weather fabric that is dirt, mold, mildew, and stain resistant. Most stains on the Nuvella fabric can be easily cleaned, and the cushion covers can be removed to be washed.

Some Nuvella fabric options on Amazon

Clare View Outdoor Sofa

Beachcroft Outdoor Sofa

Visola Patio Loveseat

Moisture: Is Nuvella water-resistant?

Ashley’s Nuvella fabric is all-weather, which the company notes this means it is water-resistant. As a result, the material is also mold and mildew resistant. You should probably bring your Nuvella covered cushions inside if you are expecting heavy rain because the fabric is not waterproof.

Sun & Heat: Will Nuvella fabric fade?

Ashley’s Nuvella fabric is designed to withstand UV exposure because it is a solution-dyed fabric. This means the fabric’s color is a part of the fabric, rather than simply applied on top of the fabric. As a result, the material is very fade-resistant.

Durability: Will Nuvella endure outdoor elements?

Nuvella is known as a versatile material that can be used for outdoor and indoor use. When used outdoors, this fabric is known to withstand the regular wear-and-tear that comes from outdoor use in any backyard.

Warranty: How long is the warranty for Nuvella?

Ashley Furniture offers a 1-year limited warranty on its outdoor furniture, including its Nuvella fabric. This 1-year warranty is typically what we see as an industry average, but it is less than some other leading high-quality outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella fabric that has a 5-year warranty.

Maintenance & Care: Is Nuvella easy to clean?

The Nuvella fabric requires little maintenance since this fabric is designed with stain resistance in mind. However, most stains that do appear on the fabric can be cleaned simply with warm water, mild soap, and a soft bristle brush. Additionally, the Nuvella fabric covers can be removed and washed on the cushions. For stubborn stains, refer to manufacturer guidelines on how to clean the fabric properly. If the cushions receive heavy rainfall, you may need to air dry for several hours or a few days to dry the cushions completely.

Eco-Friendly: Is Nuvella eco-friendly?

A great aspect of Nuvella is that it is very eco-friendly. Ashley Furniture’s Nuvella fabric is eco-friendly because no waste water is generated in the solution-dyed manufacturing process of the fibers, and the fabric is 100% recyclable.

Price: Is Nuvella fabric reasonably priced?

Nuvella fabric is an excellent choice for your next patio furniture purchase because it is reasonably priced compared to other high-quality outdoor fabrics. When you factor in the all-weather performance and high durability of this material, you find the Nuvella can be a steal compared to other great fabrics.

Is Nuvella fabric worth it?

Nuvella is a fantastic selection for your patio furniture. This is one of the most weather-resistant and durable outdoor textiles available. If you’re shopping for patio furniture, you can rest confident that if it’s made of Nuvella fabric, it’ll be a great piece of furniture that can last many seasons in your backyard.

Is Nuvella fabric comfortable?

Absolutely! Nuvella is known to be a very comfortable outdoor fabric. So, not only do you get a highly weather-resistant fabric to use in your outdoor living space, but Nuvella provides a comfortable fabric option to your patio furniture.

Where can I find Nuvella fabric?

Nuvella performance fabric is exclusively used at Ashley Furniture. So, if you are looking for patio furniture with Nuvella, you will need to shop Ashley Furniture.


While you can order items directly from Ashley, many items are available through Amazon. Availability and estimated delivery times through Amazon will vary by product, but some delivery options can be in a few days with free delivery options.

Does Nuvella have many styles and colors?

Yes, Nuvella comes in various styles, patterns, and colors to easily meet your design needs. However, you will only be limited by the style and color options available with outdoor furniture from Ashley. Ashley may only have a few color or style options available for certain patio furniture options.

What are other high-quality outdoor fabrics for patio furniture?

Nuvella is one of many great high-quality outdoor furniture fabrics. Some that we recommend are:


  1. Sunbrella – One of the most popular outdoor furniture fabric brands used by many manufacturers like Neighbor, SunHaven, Yardbird, and many more.
  2. Olefin – A ubiquitous outdoor fabric type used by manufacturers like Outer, SunHaven, and many more.
  3. DuraSeason – A Target exclusive outdoor fabric on select Target collections.
  4. CushionGuard – A HomeDepot exclusive outdoor fabric on select collections from Home Depot.

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