10 Reasons You Should Buy a Fire Pit Table for Your Backyard

A fire pit table is the latest outdoor living design trend. If you’re considering buying a fire table for your home, see these reasons why you should make the purchase!

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If you have a backyard or any outdoor space, you are likely looking for more ways to spend time enjoying your outdoor area. One way to create a stylish, functional, versatile backyard is to invest in a fire pit table. Fire pit tables (or sometimes called fire tables) have become a must-have addition for homeowners looking to enjoy outdoor living and al fresco dining all year round.

This informative guide will highlight the benefits of buying a fire pit table for your backyard and outdoor space. 

Reasons You Should Buy a Fire Pit Table

What is a fire pit table?

You’ve definitely heard of outdoor tables, and you’re probably familiar with fire pits, but what is a fire pit table? Simply put, a fire pit table is an outdoor table that combines the features of a fire pit and a regular outdoor table like a coffee or dining table. Most fire tables have the fire element in the center of the table, and the fire element can be covered when not in use to use the table like any other regular table. Fire pit tables have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and it’s no surprise. These innovative, attractive pieces of furniture are an ideal addition to chic outdoor spaces, and they offer all the advantages of a fire pit and an outdoor table. A fire pit table combines a fire pit with a table to create multi-purpose patio furniture, which can be an excellent choice for any backyard type.

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Types of fire pit tables

There are several different types of fire pit tables, and there are styles and designs to suit all customers. There’s a fire pit table for everyone, from ultra-cool, modern tables to more rustic fire tables for traditional homes. Propane fire pit tables are the most popular and likely options that you will find when considering a fire pit table. You may also find some natural gas fire pit tables.  

Popular design options for fire pit tables include:

  • Square and circular coffee table fire pits

  • Rectangular fire pit tables for dining and entertaining

  • Fire pit dining table and sofa sets (i.e., seating is included)

  • Fire pit tables with storage space inside the table for the propane tank

  • Fire pit tables with separate storage space, which can be treated as a side table, for the propane tank connected by a hose

10 Reasons you should have a fire pit table

There’s a buzz around fire pit tables, but are they really worth it? If you’re on the fence and you’re not sure whether to buy a fire table for your patio, deck, terrace, or backyard, here are some reasons to consider taking the plunge:

#1: Snap up the latest must-have for your backyard

Fire pit tables are highly sought-after, and they have quickly become the must-have accessory in any backyard. A fire table is considered a trendy and very functional option in any outdoor area, and many brands and retailers are offering a wide array of fire pit tables. If you love to stay abreast with the latest interior and outdoor design trends and don’t want to miss out, why not snap up the latest must-have piece for your outdoor area?

#2: Create a social space in your backyard

Many of us love to welcome friends and family members to our homes and enjoy al fresco dining together. A fire pit table creates a social space instantly, making a perfect spot to gather around the fire, chat, and hang out. Your fire table will swiftly become the place to be for parties, casual catch-ups, and any time you are outdoors. 

#3: Make your outdoor space more versatile

One of the most important advantages of a fire pit table is helping homeowners to make outdoor spaces more versatile. Fire pit tables offer so much more than standard tables and conventional fire pits. They are multi-use pieces that serve different purposes to cater to all occasions. Unlike fire pits and fire bowls, you can use your fire table as a traditional dining table or a surface to play cards or hold drinks when the fire pit is not in use. You can pick and choose when you use your fire pit to enjoy the best of both worlds. You have a fire pit to add warmth and ambiance, a table to hold food and drinks, and a fire table that offers the opportunity to enjoy evening gatherings or social occasions at any time of the day throughout the year. 

#4: Add ambiance

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the outdoors when the sun is fading. A fire pit table is a fabulous addition to yards and outdoor areas because it provides ambiance automatically. As soon as you fire up the gas, the fire helps to create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation, even if it’s been hours since the sun set or you’re wrapped up warm in the middle of the winter. Twinkling lights, the night air, and flames dancing in the dark create a special ambiance for parties or chilled evenings that involve curling up with a good book, putting a soothing playlist on, or enjoying a crisp glass of wine. 

#5: A new way to cook food

Many of us are fans of summer barbecues and lunching and brunching outdoors. With a fire pit table, you can now embrace a new way to cook food outside. Stock up on marshmallows to toast over the flames for a fun camping adventure in the backyard with the kids, or treat friends and family members to s’mores as a tasty dessert option after a buffet or barbecue. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cooking food on the fire element because some manufacturers may warn against using the fire pit table as means to cook food. 

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#6: Add warmth on chilly nights

Do you ever feel like you have to retreat inside when the sun starts to set because it’s too cold? If so, you can beat the chill and make the most of your backyard with a fire pit table. Fire pits add heat warmth and help you keep cozy long after it’s gone dark or temperatures have started to drop. If you have a fire pit table, you can sit out until late in the summer and maximize your time outdoors in the fall and winter when the sun sets earlier. 

#7: Create a more functional backyard in the winter

Most of us love to get out into our yards in the spring and summer when it’s warm outside, and it’s light until late, but in the winter, it can be a very different story. When it’s cold, the skies are gray, and it goes dark in the afternoon, you may not feel like you want to venture out into the yard. If you wish you could spend more time in your backyard during the fall and winter, a fire pit table is a brilliant investment. You can create a more functional, usable space in the winter. Your fire table will add warmth and light, and ambiance, enabling you to enjoy your outdoor space whatever the weather. 

#8: Save space

Fire pit tables are versatile and multifunctional, which is ideal for homeowners who don’t have a vast amount of outdoor space. If you have a compact or small outdoor area, you can save space and elevate your backyard design with a fire pit table. Rather than adding a fire pit and a dining table or lounge set, you can free up valuable floor space, stay warm, add ambiance and create a stunning focal point with a fire table. There is a vast range of fire pit tables available in all shapes and sizes. 

#9: Illuminate your outdoor area

Fire pit tables are known for their aesthetic benefits, but they also offer an array of functional perks. A fire table is a great way to illuminate your outdoor area and create an atmospheric glow after dark. If you have a fire table, you can use your patio, wooden deck, or entertaining space all year-round. 

#10: Extend your living space

Another incredible benefit of fire pit tables is the opportunity to extend and expand your living space. If you love to spend time outside and you don’t have the space or money for a covered patio, a fire table is an excellent way to create the illusion of an extra room outdoors. You can design an entertaining or seating area that doubles as an al fresco living room. This is an ideal space to socialize, unwind and relax, and it can help you free up space inside and maximize square footage outside. Add soft furnishings and accessories to complete the look. 

Finding the right fire pit table for your backyard

If you’ve decided that you need a fire pit table in your life, it’s a fantastic idea to spend some time browsing products and doing research. There is a vast range of products available, and it can be difficult to narrow down the options. To help you find the perfect fire pit table for your outdoor space, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Size: make sure you measure the area first and think about how much table space you need.

  • Style: are you looking for something ultra-modern, or do you prefer more traditional or industrial styles?

  • Budget: how much do you want to spend? Filter results to find affordable products.

  • Function: are you searching for a coffee table, a dining table, or a spectacular focal point that will take center stage in your entertaining area?

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Fire pit tables are quickly becoming a must-have product for any outdoor space. If you’re wondering whether to take the plunge and buy a fire table for your backyard, there are many reasons to consider. A fire pit table will add instant aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space, but it could also make your backyard more versatile and functional, create ambiance and add warmth. 

Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

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Hi, I'm Ashley!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I started Live Your Best Backyard to share my (and my family's) hands-on experience and countless hours of research on all things backyard to help you find the best products, ideas, tips, and information for your backyard!

Read More About Me
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