DuraSeason Fabric: 5 Must-Know Details

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Let us guess: you are likely here because you found some outdoor furniture at Target that you love and it uses a fabric called ‘DuraSeason.’ And now you are wondering: “What is DuraSeason?” “Is it any good?” “Should I pick outdoor furniture with this fabric?”


Did we guess right? We have put together the information you need in this post to answer those questions and help you understand how DuraSeason can be a great fit for your backyard furniture.


Sound good? Keep reading below!

DuraSeason Fabric

#1: Where can I find DuraSeason outdoor fabric?

DuraSeason is a Target exclusive outdoor fabric. Target launched this fabric in 2019, and it can be found in their Threshold, Opalhouse, and Project 62 outdoor furniture and cushion brands. You can purchase DuraSeason items online or in Target stores where available.

#2: Is DuraSeason a good fabric for outdoor furniture?

Yes! This fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester. Target notes that this material is “ultra durable, featuring water- and fade-resistant material.” While we don’t rate polyester highly by itself as an outdoor fabric in our complete outdoor material buying guide, we recognize that manufacturers can add treatments to improve the durability and weather resistance of the materials. As such, it appears that Target has taken steps to make DuraSeason an excellent choice for our outdoor furniture by making it highly durable and water- and fade-resistant. These are must-have characteristics for outdoor fabric, which makes DuraSeason compare favorably to popular outdoor fabric options like Sunbrella and Olefin (check out our detailed post on Sunbrella vs. Olefin) that are known for being the premier fabric options for high durability and water- and fade-resistance.


Additionally, if you want to ensure that the product you buy is made sustainably, this fabric should be an option for you. Target notes this material is made with sustainability in mind by being made “by turning old plastic into new polyester fibers” and is manufactured free from harmful chemicals without contributing to pollution.

#3: Is DuraSeason a weatherproof fabric?

Target states that this fabric is water- and fade-resistant, which means that it is really hard to fade or for water to penetrate – but it’s not impossible. So, if this fabric is left out in constant sun for very long periods, you should expect some degree of fading at some point. Additionally, if this fabric is left out in heavy rain, you should expect some water to seep through to the cushion. But this isn’t unique to DuraSeason; any material marked as ‘-resistant’ will have the same outcome. If you want complete protection, you will need to find materials marked as ‘fadeproof’ or ‘waterproof,’ meaning that it will never fade and water will never penetrate.

#4: What is the typical price of DuraSeason?

Our review found that the typical 1-piece cushion made with DuraSeason ranged in price from about $20-$50. A few factors can influence the price of a cushion (size, cushion material, etc.), but this is a good price range for a highly durable fabric that is fade- and water-resistant.

#5: Does DuraSeason have a warranty?

DuraSeason products come with a 1-year warranty. This warranty period is a standard timeframe across outdoor products, but it is a shorter time period than other branded fabric options like Sunbrella (5-year warranty) and CushionGuard (3-year warranty).

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