CushionGuard Fabric: 5 Must-Know Details

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As you shop for outdoor furniture at Home Depot, you may come across a fabric called ‘CushionGuard.’ And you may ask yourself: “What is CushionGuard?” “Is it any good?” “Should I pick outdoor furniture with this fabric?” 


This post is designed to help answer those questions and more about CushionGuard as you evaluate your potential outdoor furniture purchases. With this information, you should better understand how CushionGuard could be the right fit for your future outdoor, patio, or backyard furniture purchases.

CushionGuard Fabric

#1: Where can I find CushionGuard outdoor fabric?

CushionGuard is a Home Depot exclusive outdoor fabric. You can find this outdoor fabric on Home Depot’s Hampton Bay and Home Decorators collections of outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and cushions. You can purchase items with CushionGuard fabric online or in Home Depot stores where available.

#2: Is CushionGuard a good fabric for outdoor furniture?

Absolutely! This material is made from 100% polyester, and Home Depot states that this material is “stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and spill-resistant.” While you may find other fabrics made out of 100% polyester, what sets this CushionGuard apart from others is that Home Depot has designed this to be resistant to stains, fading, and spills – something other polyester fabrics may not be. However, if you want your outdoor furniture to endure backyard wear and tear, you will want a fabric with weather resistant characteristics like CushionGuard. Because of these characteristics, CushionGuard compares favorably to high-quality outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella and Olefin, which are known for being the premier fabric options for high durability and water- and fade-resistance.

#3: Is CushionGuard a weatherproof fabric?

Home Depot states that this fabric is stain-, fade-, and spill-resistant, which means it is tough for this fabric to stain, fade, or get wet – but it’s not impossible. So, if this fabric is left out in constant sun for very long periods, you should expect some degree of fading at some point. Additionally, if this fabric is left out in heavy rain, you should expect some water to seep through to the cushion. But this isn’t unique to CushionGuard; any material marked as ‘-resistant’ will have the same outcome at some point. If you want complete protection, you will need to find materials labeled as ‘stainproof,’ ‘fadeproof,’ or ‘waterproof,’ meaning that it will never stain or fade, and water will never penetrate. 

#4: What is the typical price of CushionGuard?

There are several buying options for CushionGuard: you can buy individual cushions, slipcovers, or find it on furniture sets or umbrellas. From our review of cushions with CushionGuard, we found the price of a 2-piece cushion varied between $50-$100. A few factors can influence the price of a cushion (size, cushion material, etc.). We find this to be a reasonable price compared to other similar cushion options.

#5: Does CushionGuard have a warranty?

One of the great features of CushionGuard is that it has a 3-year warranty, which beats an average industry warranty of 1-year. This signals that Home Depot stands behind the quality of this product. If you are looking for a longer warranty for a high-quality fabric, consider Sunbrella, which has a 5-year warranty on its fabric

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