16 Best Wicker Patio Furniture Sets on Amazon

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Wicker patio furniture sets are popular for many homeowners looking to furnish their outdoor space. There are many different styles and designs of wicker furniture to choose from, making it overwhelming to select the right set for your needs, especially as you shop on Amazon. There are hundreds of wicker furniture set options to shop and compare on Amazon. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of 16 of the best wicker patio furniture sets available on Amazon.


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16 Best Wicker Patio Sets on Amazon

What is Outdoor Wicker Furniture?

Unlike commonly thought, wicker is not a material. Instead, wicker is a style of weave used to make furniture, and wicker can be made from various materials. In some cases, these materials are natural plant materials, and one of the most commonly used plant materials is rattan. Rattan is a vine-like palm plant that grows mainly in Asia, Africa, and Australia. When wicker furniture is made with natural materials, you will typically see it listed as “natural wicker” or “natural rattan furniture.” To summarize, wicker is the method to make the furniture, and rattan is the material used for the furniture.


However, natural rattan wicker furniture (or another natural plant wicker) is not durable or weather-resistant for consistent outdoor use. Natural wicker furniture (or natural rattan furniture) will easily mildew and decay if left outside for extended periods. Instead, synthetic materials create durable outdoor wicker furniture.


Synthetic materials, specifically synthetic resins, are artificially synthesized polymeric materials, and these resins are the main components of plastics – additional fillers are added with these resins to make plastics. Thus, when you see something listed as “Resin Wicker,” the material is synthetic rattan and not natural rattan.


One popular synthetic material is Polyethylene, or PE for short. PE can come in various forms, with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) being the most common forms of PE. Other synthetic materials used for outdoor wicker furniture include Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polypropylene (PP), and Polyurethane (PU).


So, in summary, when you are looking for outdoor wicker patio furniture, you will find that it is a plastic material, and it will often be advertised as “all-weather wicker,” “resin wicker,” “synthetic wicker furniture,” “PE rattan wicker,” “HDPE wicker,” or some version of these labels.

Our Evaluation Criteria

Any furniture you place outside will face much more wear and tear than your furniture inside. As a result, you will need to find furniture that can handle the wear and tear and the elements of your backyard: rain, sun, heat, cold, spills, humidity, wind, scratches, excessive use, and anything else that may happen in your backyard. So, when we evaluate any outdoor furniture, these are the features that we look for in furniture materials:


  • UV or Fade Resistance: If you expect your outdoor furniture to be exposed to the sun, you want an item designed to withstand degradation or fade from the sun.
  • Water or Spill Resistance: If you expect your furniture to be exposed to rain (even under a patio) or get spilled on, you will want a material that can resist staying wet or holding water.
  • Stain Resistance: Your outdoor furniture will get dirty at some point. So you will want to find furniture that can resist staining if you want it to continue to look like new for a long time.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistance: This goes hand-in-hand with water and spill resistance, but you want to make sure that your furniture won’t have mold or mildew growth if it does get wet.
  • Durability: Your outdoor furniture and other items will experience a lot of wear and tear outside. So, items that promote being scratch, tear, crack, dent, etc. -resistant or -proof are always a plus.
  • Low maintenance: Manufacturers may not always directly state if a piece of furniture is low maintenance. But, you can look for phrases like “mild soap and water” only needed to clean the furniture or “machine washable” for fabrics to indicate low maintenance requirements. Review manufacturers suggested maintenance and balance those recommendations with your expectations of how much maintenance you see yourself performing on your outdoor furniture.

We have evaluated numerous outdoor materials against these features and detailed our ratings for each material in our Complete Outdoor Furniture Materials Guide

Recommended Materials for Wicker Furniture

Frame Materials

  • HDPE Wicker – HDPE is a durable, weather-resistant plastic that can withstand rain, sun, cold, heat, and the wear and tear of your backyard while still looking good for many years, even decades. In our review, it is one of the most durable and best materials for outdoor furniture. See our full pros and cons of HDPE for why this is an excellent outdoor material. Want to know how HDPE is different from PE wicker? See our post about PE wicker to learn more.
  • “All-Weather” Wicker – Depending on the outdoor furniture brand, the wicker patio furniture may be labeled as “all-weather” wicker. While many synthetic resins can be labeled “all-weather” wicker, sometimes this can mean higher quality wicker (higher than regular PE) like HDPE. In our research, we find some high-quality brands label their HDPE-grade wicker simply as “all-weather” wicker. Generally, if you are paying a higher price for a wicker patio furniture piece from a reputable brand, you are likely getting HDPE wicker or similar high-quality resin.
  • Aluminum – All wicker furniture will have some type of inner frame material to provide strength and support to the outdoor wicker furniture item. This will likely be some type of metal. The one metal we highly recommend for outdoor furniture is aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent outdoor material because it is lightweight, highly durable, and low cost and maintenance. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rusting, but it can still corrode, which is why we prefer powder-coated aluminum. Powder-coating is a finish that protects the metal from corrosive elements like water, saltwater, and chlorine and enhances the durability of the metal. Read our full pros and cons of aluminum for outdoor furniture post

Fabric Materials

  • Sunbrella – Sunbrella is one of the most popular outdoor branded fabrics because it is a very strong material designed to last many years in outdoor spaces. Sunbrella is made from solution-dyed acrylic, meaning that the color of the fiber is dyed all the way through the fabric during the manufacturing process of the fabric, which results in a highly color steadfast fabric that is great for outdoor use. Additionally, Sunbrella is designed to repel water and stains, enabling this material to be mold and mildew resistant. Read more about the pros and cons of Sunbrella here
  • Olefin – Olefin is a popular outdoor fabric that is prevalent in many outdoor furniture pieces. Olefin is a solution-dyed material, enabling the fabric to be very colorfast and resistant to fading from exposure to UV light. Additionally, Olefin is highly resistant to water, stains, and typical backyard wear and tear. Typically, Olefin will last many years in your backyard with minimal maintenance. Read our post on the pros and cons of Olefin fabric.

Cushion Materials

  • Open Cell Foam / Reticulated Foam – One of the best cushion materials is called Open Cell foam, sometimes called reticulated foam, which is foam designed for water to pass through quickly so the cushion dries very quickly. This type of foam can be sold under brand names like DryFast or QuickDry. Not only does it dry quickly, it is also very comfortable.
  • High-Density Foam (>3″) – One of the most challenging pieces of information to get about outdoor furniture is cushion material. Not all manufacturers state what is used to make the cushion. However, we look for cushions labeled made with “High-Density Foam” and ones that are thicker than 3 inches because these will generally be more comfortable than other options. Additionally, we look for cushions with batting (a material wrapped around the main foam) like polyester or Dacron. Batting can add a smooth and consistent feel to the cushion. An advantage of Dacron is that it is quick to dry too

Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture Sets on Amazon

SunHaven Kensington Patio Set

Why we like it…

This stylish outdoor wicker set from SunHaven can be a great addition to your outdoor living space. The set features high-quality materials of HDPE, aluminum, olefin fabric, and thick cushions made with high resiliency foam and polyester fiber. This set can be configured to your outdoor space because of its modular design.


Read our full review of SunHaven outdoor furniture.

Ashley Grasson Lane Patio Set

Why we like it…

Ashley Furniture has many great outdoor furniture items that we love, and the Grasson Lane collection is one of those. Nuvella performance fabric is used exclusively at Ashley Furniture, and you can find this fabric on all outdoor furniture from Ashley like this set. Nuvella is a solution-dyed fabric designed to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. You can find other furniture Grasson Lane furniture pieces on Amazon to make this a complete set to fit your outdoor needs.


Read our full review on Ashley outdoor furniture.

Cozy Corner Patios Sectional Set

Why we like it…

Cozy Corner Patios is a brand of outdoor furniture that we love. The company has a wide range of high-quality outdoor wicker furniture like this sectional set designed to seat six people. You can add many pieces to this set or choose different fabric colors to best suit your outdoor needs.


Read our full review on Cozy Corner Patios outdoor furniture.

AKOYA Malmo Patio Set

Why we like it…

If you are looking for a resin wicker outdoor furniture set made from some of the best materials available, you should consider this set from AKOYA. This Malmo collection set features fully-round HDPE wicker on a powder-coated aluminum frame with quick-dry cushions wrapped in Sunbrella fabric. And it’s a very stylish set of wicker furniture that would look great in your backyard.

RST Brands Portofino Patio Set

Why we like it…

RST Brands is a brand we like because the company makes high-quality furniture like this set from its Portofino collection. This fashionable HDPE wicker furniture set is made on aluminum frames with weather resistant materials like Sunbrella fabric. This set is designed to last and look great for many years.


Read our full review on RST Brands outdoor furniture.

AKOYA Tuscany Patio Set

Why we like it…

AKOYA makes this list again with a modern, gray HDPE synthetic wicker furniture set from its Tuscany collection. Like the other set on this list, this one too boasts comfortable quick-dry seat cushions with Sunbrella fabric. This high-quality set featuring a loveseat, two lounge chairs, and coffee table can fit nearly any outdoor space.

Ashley Beachcroft Patio Set

Why we like it…

Ashley’s Beachcroft collection of outdoor wicker furniture is some of the company’s most popular outdoor furniture. This collection is a driftwood-inspired set made of high-quality materials like powder-coated aluminum and Nuvella fabric. A furniture set from Ashley’s Beachcroft collection should be a great and long-lasting addition to any outdoor living space.


Read our full review on Ashley outdoor furniture.

Cozy Corners Patios Sectional Set

Why we like it…

As we mentioned on the first Cozy Corner Patios sectional set on this list, Cozy Corner Patios makes some of the best wicker furniture available on the market. This set is part of its deep seating collection that offers 7″ thick high-density foam cushions to ensure that you and your guests will be comfortable for many years on this high-quality set.


Read our full review on Cozy Corner Patios outdoor furniture.

SunHaven Cascade Patio Set

Why we like it…

As covered earlier on this list, SunHaven makes great high-quality outdoor furniture designed to handle the outdoor elements and look great for many years. And this set from its Cascade collection is another great option for your outdoor space. However, this set features Sunbrella fabric which is known as one of the best outdoor fabrics.


Read our full review of SunHaven outdoor furniture.

RST Brands Deco Fire Table Set

Why we like it…

This RST Brands conversation set offers seating for four people to enjoy the fire table that is included in this set. Fire table are quickly becoming a must-have feature in any outdoor seating, and this set brings this feature with high-quality seating for you and your guests.


Read our full review on RST Brands outdoor furniture.

XIZZI All-Weather Wicker Sofa Set

Why we like it…

This 12-piece all-weather wicker patio set Sunbrella cushions from XIZZI is a great option if you have a large outdoor area and you plan to seat many people. The set comes with two sofas with adjustable middle pieces (you can create a 4-person sofa and a 2-person loveseat, or two 3-person sofas), two armchairs, two ottomans, and two coffee tables. The set comes with thick high-density cushions wrapped in Sunbrella fabric. To top it off, the set comes with furniture covers to protect your patio set when you are not using it. 

Ashley Cherry Point Patio Set

Why we like it…

If you are looking for a high-quality sectional set for your backyard, then you need to consider this sectional set from Ashely’s Cherry Point collection. With seating for up to 5 people and a coffee table, this resin wicker sectional with Nuvella fabric will provide comfortable, durable, and stylish seating for your outdoor area.


Read our full review on Ashley outdoor furniture.

Ohana All-Weather Wicker Sectional Set

Why we like it…

This Ohana all-weather wicker patio set can be a great addition to your backyard if you are looking for a high-quality and durable sectional set. With seating up to 6 people, this set can configured to fit your outdoor space to comfortably seat your guests. There are multiple color options to choose from to find the right color to fit the style of outdoor space.

Agio All-Weather Wicker Patio Set

Why we like it…

This 4-piece conversation set can be a great addition to most sizes of outdoor spaces. The 6″ thick cushions offer very comfortable seating for up to five people across the sofa and two swivel chairs. The high-quality materials used to make this set, including the Sunbrella fabric, means that this set is designed to last many years in your backyard.

Ohana All-Weather Wicker Patio Set

Why we like it…

Ohana makes this list again with another patio furniture set. This one is an all-weather wicker conversation set that can seat 4 people with two ottomans that can either provide extra comfort or seating options. You can find this set in different colors and seating options to best suit your backyard style and needs.

Laurel Canyon Sectional Set

Why we like it…

Are you looking for a large wicker sectional set for your backyard? If so, check out this sectional set from Laurel Canyon that can be configured in several layouts to suit the unique dimensions of your outdoor space. The HDPE material used to make this set means you are getting a high-quality synthetic wicker outdoor set.

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