10 Pros and Cons of Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

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As you shop for wood patio furniture, you will find several different types of wood used in outdoor furniture: teak, eucalyptus, mahogany, acacia, etc. One of the most common types you will come across is acacia. If you are not familiar with this type of wood, you may be wondering, “is acacia wood outdoor furniture the right wood furniture type for my backyard?”


To help answer that question, we have identified 10 key pros and cons of acacia wood patio furniture that you need to know before purchasing patio furniture made from acacia wood. So, read on below to find out more!

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Pros and Cons of Acacia Wood Patio Furniture

What is acacia wood?

Acacia wood is a hardwood wood species, and acacia trees grow naturally in many places like Australia, Africa, and Asia. Additionally, acacia trees are known to grow more rapidly than some other types of hardwood species. In the right conditions, an acacia tree can reach full maturity in 5 years at a height of about 30 feet. Acacia wood can be found in a wide range of brown colors, from light brown to dark brown and reddish. The high abundance, pliability, and durability of acacia wood make it a good choice for many different indoor and outdoor furniture options.

Is acacia wood good for patio furniture?

Yes! Acacia natural wood is a good material for outdoor furniture because it is a hardwood with natural oils that make it very durable and naturally weather-resistant. Acacia wood is used to make patio furniture known to last many years under the right conditions. You can find many stylish acacia wood outdoor furniture options to meet your backyard needs. You can find an acacia patio furniture set, dining table, sofas, chairs, benches, and many other outdoor furniture items from a wide range of outdoor furniture brands and manufacturer.


Material Rating



Acacia outdoor furniture options

Christopher Knight Patio Set

Great Deal Furniture Sectional

RST Brands Kooper Patio Set

Kooper? 4 Piece Outdoor Sofa & Club Chair Set - Bliss Blue

Special Note:

As you shop for wood patio furniture, you may find some acacia (or other wood types) options listed as teak-look, teak-finish, or acacia teak. Do not be confused – the wood is acacia, not teak. These terms mean that the color is similar to the natural golden brown color of teak.

The Pros and Cons of Acacia Outdoor Furniture

#1 Pro: Acacia wood is naturally water and rot-resistant

As a hardwood, acacia wood is naturally water and rot-resistant. This is a crucial property of any wood used for patio furniture.

#2 Con: Excessive moisture can cause damage to acacia wood

Although the wood is naturally water-resistant, too much water and moisture exposure can make this wood warp and swell. So, it would be best if you did not leave acacia wood furniture out in the rain for extended periods, nor should you leave acacia wood furniture in grass or other areas where moisture can accumulate.

#3 Con: Acacia wood can be sensitive to humidity

If you live in a humid climate, you must take extra care of your acacia wood patio furniture. Like the acacia wood con above, too much humidity can cause the wood to warp and swell. Also, too little moisture or humidity can cause this wood to crack.

#4 Pro: Acacia wood furniture is naturally very durable

This is a very durable wood resistant to scratching and cracking from normal backyard wear and tear. If properly cared for, acacia outdoor patio furniture can last several decades under the right conditions.

#5 Con: Acacia wood is sensitive to heat and sun

This wood will dry out, warp, and crack if in constant direct sunlight or near a heat source (e.g., outdoor heater, firepit, or even a hot drink placed directly on the wood) for long durations. Additionally, sun and heat exposure may cause the wood to darken.

#6 Pro: Acacia wood furniture is eco-friendly

Acacia outdoor furniture is known to be sustainable patio furniture because the acacia tree is known to be a fast-growing tree compared to other hardwoods like teak. Additionally, acacia trees can be grown in many parts of the world. Thus, there is less concern about unsustainable harvesting practices for acacia trees than for other slower-growing hardwoods used to make outdoor furniture.

#7 Pro: Acacia wood outdoor furniture is typically reasonably priced

Given that acacia trees grow at a faster rate and in more places than some other hardwoods used to make outdoor furniture, there is a greater abundance of acacia wood to make patio furniture. As a result, acacia wood can usually be sourced at a lower price than a wood like teak, which results in acacia wood outdoor furniture being one of the cheaper wood patio furniture options available on the market.

#8 Con: Acacia wood furniture requires lots of maintenance

Unlike other hardwoods, extra care needs to be applied to this wood. Although it is known as a durable wood, it is not regarded as an extremely durable wood that can withstand many outdoor conditions with little care and maintenance.


Regular oiling or waxing will be required to negate any moisture issues your backyard environment might create for this wood. Additionally, you may need to rotate your furniture regularly if it is out in the sun so that one side does not discolor faster than another (if it is not properly treated for UV resistance). Also, any spills from alcohol, nail polish, and silicone-based products can draw moisture out of the wood, which will cause it to dry out and crack. So, you will need to clean up these types of spills quickly.

#9 Pro/Con: Acacia wood patio furniture can be heavy

Acacia wood is a high-density wood, which means it is a heavy wood. This makes acacia wood a good choice in areas with high winds. On the other hand, this heavier weight may make it hard to move from some people. But the weight of the material is ultimately determined by the type of acacia patio furniture you are looking to buy: some items may naturally be lighter than others.

#10 Pro/Con: There can be variability in acacia wood color and grain

Acacia wood is a knotty wood that can have many defects and variability in its grain pattern. As a result, acacia wood slabs can vary from one piece to another. For some people, this variability can be a great aspect of the wood, while others may prefer a more consistent grain and less knotty type of wood. On top of this, acacia can come in a range of brown colors, from light brown to dark brown. Finding the right color for you will depend on the color of acacia wood used by the patio furniture manufacturer.

Acacia Patio Furniture Collection Option

If you’re shopping for acacia wood patio furniture, you will find many retailers and brands that offer acacia wood options across different types of patio furniture like dining sets, sectionals, chairs, etc. However, one brand that we have found to have a lot of acacia wood options is Christopher Knight Home. You can find Christopher Knight Home acacia patio furniture options available at many retailers like Amazon and Target, and you can shop for all of this brand’s patio furniture options on its Amazon store here.

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